Protein shake

How to use protein powder

The way to use protein powder can be more durable depending on your goals. If one wants to optimize one’s muscle mass and performance, it is recommended that protein is consumed every 3-5 hours to maximize one’s protein synthesis. This can be done by a protein shake that has complied with the standards for the manufacturers. hygiene. Manufacturers have clean machines, factory premises and clean adjustable casters. This is important for avoiding diseases and any bacteria that can cause an infection of the person taking the product. This can be extremely negative for the manufacturer, as this shows they have not complied with the standards. The optimal intake of protein powders whose goal is increased muscle mass is about 30-50 grams per day. shake or meal. There are no rules on when to consume the product as it works like skyr or similar dairy products. However, there is an exception, this is after training that can help maximize one’s training results, due to the faster recovery. If one strives for increased muscle mass or faster recovery, a portion of carbohydrate after exercise may be beneficial. This is due to the glycogen stores having to be replenished after a hard and exhausting workout. In order to give a dosage recommendation, it requires that the person’s diet be informed. However, there are several studies that indicate that a protein intake of 1.5 to as much as 3.5 grams of protein is advantageous. If one is aware sports athletes or sports on a relative level. That is, a man of 100 kg. must have between 150-350 grams of protein. 150 grams of protein can easily be covered through a normal diet; however, the 350 grams of protein will be difficult to hit through a normal diet. Here, for example, a protein shake of high quality could be supplemented.


Cleaning the shaker

It is important to clean the shaker daily, to avoid odors and spread of bacteria that can cause inflammation in the abdominal area. These inflammations can adversely affect health and can eventually lead to a fatal disease. The shaker cleaning is recommended to be done by hand after use. This is done with a brush, neutral soap and hot water. It is important not to use boiling water as it can destroy the shaker. Most shakers may well keep coming in the dishwasher here, it is important that the machine is cleaned properly before use. It is important that no food remains on the grids or on IP67 bearings. It is again important that hygiene is a first priority, in order to avoid bacteria, viruses and other organisms that can affect health