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Protein Powder Production

What you need to know about protein

This is an overall guide on how protein powder is produced and what whey protein powder is. Whey protein is protein derived from milk or cheese. It has been through a long manufacturing process where the whey is sorted and subsequently the mass is pasteurized and the filter. Read more under “What is whey protein powder”. Subsequently, the types of protein powder will be described. There are three main types of whey, all types depending on how fine a filtering it has been. The three types are hydrolyzed whey, isolate and concentrated.

The quick steps

How to use protein powder

This guide will also point out what benefits whey has, in addition, this guide will also discuss how to use protein powder. No specific guideline can be made on how to use protein powder, as it depends on one’s daily diet and protein intake. However, the framework can be set for how large an intake of protein the body needs. This depends on the physical activity, the intensity of the workout. In the equation, age is also a factor, the higher age, the higher the protein intake the body needs. All of this can be read under “how to use protein powder”


The importance of hygiene for the producers as well as the consequences this may have if hygiene standards are not observed will also be elaborated. This can affect the consumer health and it will adversely affect the company in the form of fines and possibly. bankruptcy. This will be elaborated on the page “how is protein powder produced”

Your body will recover faster

The benefits of using protein powder

The guide will also review the benefits of consuming protein powder. Protein powder benefits, among other things. Muscle mass prevents bowel disease and makes the body recover faster due to the extra protein supplement. Read more about the subject under “Benefits of protein powder”


This guide will review the topics as shown below. The guide will especially focus on how to maintain good hygiene. Which machine parts there may be benefit from. It is important when producing protein powder that hygiene is a first priority. It is everything from the production line to the machine feet, which must be extremely hygienic. Finally, the guide will explain how the shaker is cleaned in the most advantageous way. Below is a description of which cleaning agents being most advantageous, as well as the importance of a clean dishwasher with associated machine parts. These machine parts can be purchased at NHK hygienicmachineryparts


What is whey protein powder?

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